The World Of Advanced Weaving Technology

Company's Current Scenario

In last 8 years, Orange weaving engineering PVT LTD has made a revolutionary impact in textile/fabric industry by providing most powerful and engineered machineries and took the market by storm.

By maintaining product quality with instant customer support and services, Orange has became one of the largest textile machinery manufacturers in India. With Span Of 300 Members, 15Plus service centres and 3+ gigantic factories Company has crossed borders to fulfil the needs of textile machineries globally.

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To provide satisfaction to people by serving best quality and thereby be different from others through constant innovation and creativity.
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Orange is fully dedicated towards maintaining quality. And therefore every product goes to quality check before shipment. No matter if it’s a machine or just a needle size parts.

Innovation & Creativity

An era full of technology asks constant changes. In half decade, Orange has built every product with new and different way to make it more easy to use and less time consuming for consumers. Orange works towards innovative and creative ideas to fulfil market needs.


Orange has earned honesty by keeping transparency with consumers and businesses. And by honouring every promises made along with deals.


Most important phase for us and for our customers. Orange is dedicated towards innovation & Creativity with honesty. These values are not fulfilled until products are delivered on time. For that We have team of trained employees who will make sure every product meet all necessary checks and reach to its destination on time that has been promised to customers.

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it is said “If a customer buys another product from you or sends another customer, product satisfaction has been earned.” Orange makes sure that every deal honoured on time. From delivery to machine operating education, Orange engineers take care of everything. 80% enquires comes from reference of orange’s existing customers. Therefore Orange proudly can announce that customer satisfaction ratio has been honoured.

Orange takes all responsibility of product’s deal, quality, condition and delivery. From our production line to the installation site, Orange takes care of everything to give peace of mind to customers. We believe, this does fulfil satisfaction to our weavers.


“ To be a Rs. 46080/- Cr Diversified group By 2022”.

There will be a Celebration in BHAKHAR TRADELINK when we achieve our BHAG.

In future, BHAKHAR TRADE LINK’s image will be of an innovative company in the whole world and all the staff member will always be ready to increase that image.

We will change the thinking of all the individuals who are associated and also Not associated with us. We will give a better way and reason to live a life to everyone.

We will provide a part of our company’s profit for the benefit of people who live in our country and to improve our political system. We will help our country to achieve first rank in the whole world.